Our Wild Ride
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Welcome to OUR WILD RIDE.  This is our story.  After months of preparation and a couple of weddings, including ours, we embarked on one year of world travel beginning September, 2003.  (Thanks to an unexpected injury we returned to the U.S. in January and got back on the road in June.  Intent on spending one complete year on the road, we extended our end date to February, 2005.)


We update the site with pictures and journal entries as much as possible.  Please check back to catch up with us.



 (In front of Bayon temple at Angkor, Cambodia)   


SITE UPDATES: (last updated: Aug 2, 2005)


Our computer was fried in the final week so it's taken a long time to update, but here you go.


Cambodia photos are finally live.


Hoping to finish our journals over the next couple of weeks.


We would love to hear from you so please shoot us an email if you have any

        comments/suggestions or come across any bugs.


"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."  -Lao Tzu    




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