Jao Camp






8/13  Went for a walk with our guide, Peace, in the morning at Duma Tau and then had a great brunch, as usual.  Our plane ride from Duma Tau to Jao Camp was cool - only a 6 seater (Cessna), including the pilot and co-pilot.

Jao Camp is spectacular.  Hard to believe it could be even more elaborate and luxurious than Duma Tau but still be rustic and understated.  The Okavanga Delta is much different terrain.  It is lush and green and not as dusty.

We went on a boat ride this evening with both a French and Spanish Couple.  We were supposed to go fishing in the lagoon but mostly we bird-watched, took pics and drank beer.  Saw one sickly and sad Elephant on the edge of the channel.  He was apparently kicked out of his herd after a fight for dominance of the herd.  Our guide, Vindi, believes the Elephant is around 60 years old.  Poor thing looked so sad and lonely.

8/14  Went to the Big Island by boat early this morning.  (Think the island is called Hunda.)  It was a lovely ride to the island with the sun coming up.  We saw lots of Zebra.  They were darker brown than we expected but very cool.  Saw a lot of Giraffe and Impala.  Had a nice picnic lunch by a huge field of Impala and Baboon.  Near the end of the afternoon we heard on the radio that a Lion was eating it's kill - a Giraffe - right near our boats.  Unfortunately, by the time we raced to the site, the Lion had gone.  Only the hollowed-out carcass of the poor Giraffe remained.  So no cats so far today.....maybe on tonight's safari.


8/14  Duma Tau was beautiful, but Jao Camp is over the top.  Very excited looking forward to our morning safari.

Before going to sleep last night the great white hunters did battle with an elusive but deadly predator.  After a lengthy encounter, we did not know who won, but the spider appeared to have either died or perhaps grew tired and left.

In the morning, we awoke to the howls of two Baboons fighting in the trees just outside of our bungalow.  Overall it was a much quieter evening and we slept very well. 

The night drive, while unsuccessful, was truly spectacular.  We started with a bottle of Amarillo (a local Bailey's Cream) and everyone was in great spirits.  Driving through the bush at night is a very unique and exciting experience. 

Prior to the night drive we took a sunset cruise in a Macuru.  Viewing the Delta at eye level was very unique and beautiful.  There were herds of Red Lechwe.  Watching them run and leap through the Delta was incredible


8/15  Last night we had a romantic and relaxing Macuru ride before sunset (a long skinny canoe-like boat that is rowed by a guide who stands like in a gondola).  We had an early dinner and then went out on a night drive.  It felt like a real adventure - it was pitch black and chilly and all of us were equipped with our torches and heavy ponchos.  Unfortunately, we did not catch any cats in mid-hunt but did see some cute little nocturnal animals.

Had a fun morning drive - saw a pride of four female Lions.  Watched them hunt and travel together awhile.

Our last day in the bush and we are sad to leave.  We are on siesta now and will leave for Jo'burg and Cape Town shortly.  : (


8/15  Our time in the bush is sadly over, but I look forward to Cape Town.


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