Duma Tau






8/11  After a short flight on a small plane, we landed at a dirt airstrip near Duma Tau, our first safari camp in Botswana.  While coming in for landing, we could see Hippo, Zebra, Impala & Giraffe.  They were very calmly standing near the runway and seemed to have no concern for the plane that was taxiing within a few 100 feet of them.  It was like entering some bizarre zoo where the animals run wild. 

We then took a short jeep ride to camp where we were immediately greeted by eight Bull Elephants who were making a meal of the trees in the center of camp.  Apparently the Elephants had been visiting camp everyday for some time and were given such colorful names as George and Norman.  While being escorted to our bungalow, one of the Elephants, I believe it was Norman, began to charge us.  As soon as he took one step in our direction, our guide charged back at him.  I thought this was pure insanity but he explained the difference between a real charge and a mock charge.  This didn't make Lisa and I any more comfortable but it was very impressive.

8/12-13  Duma Tau is in the Linyanti Reserve region of Botswana.  The camp, is beautiful while blending in very well with it's natural surroundings.  Just outside of our bungalow is a series of rivers.  At night the Hippo leave the water and travel miles inland to spend the night.  In the morning they walk back to the water for it's protection against the heat.  They leave a great trail which are called the Hippo Highway.

Our first night of sleep was quite an adventure.  The sounds of the wild kept us up most the night.  It was beautiful and very difficult to sleep.



8/11-13  The dominant male Elephant knocked down a large tree in the center of Camp (with his butt I think) and the Elephants feasted for the next 2 days.

So much to say.  This camp was just fantastic.  Rustic but beautiful.  Our cabin looked right out on the Linyanti River.  We had an outdoor shower from which we could see Elephants grazing and Hippos wading.

On our first game drive we saw ALL the big cats - a female Leopard with her kill ( she was young so she lost some of it to a scavenging Hyena); a pride of Lions - all females and one young male and female; and three Cheetahs - "The 3 Brothers" moving quickly.

Elephants and Impala abounded.  We saw Hippos in and out of the water and Giraffe grazing on the tops of trees.  We ate fabulous food, sat around the campfire, watched traditional dancing at night, met interesting people and listened to the sounds of the wild all night in the arms of my sweetie.  Couldn't have been better.

(P.S. Don't want to forget to mention our fantastic guide, Peace.  It is safe to say that he knows everything.)


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